CEO & Owner

Miguel Hernandez


Miguel is the CEO and owner of Silverback Independent, LLC and its subsidiaries. Miguel served four years in the Marine Corps as an infantryman and as a scout in a Marine Scout Sniper Platoon. He is a combat veteran of the Global War on Terrorism and was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2004.

He was recruited by and worked for the US Dept. of Energy as a Tactical Emergency Response Team member just under four years. He later went on to work overseas in the executive protection services in high threat environments around the globe as a private security/military contractor for various government entities. Miguel has gained the needed experience and knowledge in what it takes to provide the industry with competitive guns, gear and training with practical and effective methodology. Some of his certifications and awards are listed below.


♠ Embassy Security Force training program – Dept of State

♠ Embassy Tactical Response Team training program – Dept of State

♠ Designated Defensive Marksman(Sniper) Storm Mountain Training Center – Dept of State

♠ Defensive Tactics for High Threat Environments – MVM, Inc. & Elite Fighting Tactics

♠ High Threat Protection training programs – MVM, Inc. & Private Entity

♠ Protective Surveillance Detection Operations Course – USMC – ITI, Inc.

♠ Texas Armed Security Officer, level III license

♠ Embassy Security Force Supervisor training program – Dept. of State

♠ Law Enforcement Precision Rifle Instructor – NRA

♠ Security Police Officer II Cert. – Dept. of Energy

♠ Security Police Officer III Tactical Emergency Response Team Cert.- Dept. of Energy



♠ Certificate of Appreciation – ArmorGroup North America, Inc.

♠ Certificate of Appreciation – US Embassy, Kabul Afghanistan – Dept of Sate

♠ Letter of Commendation – US Embassy, Kabul Afghanistan – Dept of State

♠ Letter of Appreciation – Special Operations Training Group II MEF – US Marine Corps

♠ Instructors Choice Award – Safeguards & Security Division – Dept. of Energy

♠ Certificate of Appreciation – Special Operations Training Group – II Marine Expeditionary Force

All not listed.


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