Welcome to our core site that provides our clients and customers with three full spectrum services through our subsidiary’s

Silverback Gun Locker is our firearms dealer and retail business which consist of shooting sports gear for the professional and sportsman alike along with some gunsmithing services.

Silverback Training Systems who has developed, tested and tried various methods of firearms training from forward operating experience and is now offering them to our clients and customers in the Law Enforcement, Military, Private Sector and fellow Americans.

The Executive Protective Service and Consulting is one of Silverback Independent, LLC’s more discreet services by one of its currently undisclosed subsidiary company. With providing the client with elite and experienced operators in the industry.

Our Mission is to provide our clients and customers with practical, professional and effective training through our credible experience in the industry. With the purpose of developing and establishing sound fundamentals in which we drill to the point of them becoming reflexive in nature. Ensuring that we provide the students and clients with the proper tools and gear to get the job or mission done right and right the first time and consulting you along every step of the way. Guaranteeing the utmost skilled protective professionals vetted and tried to secure the safety of your assets while meeting your needs with personal attention to detail and flexibility.