Silverback Independent, LLC was founded in February 2011. It was founded by a Texan, Mr. Miguel Hernandez a US Marine Corps combat veteran from the Global War on Terrorism. Miguel’s vision with Silverback Independent is to establish a foundation with one company that would not only provide one service in the shooting industry but a facet of three subsidiary businesses with their own specific systems in place to provide services to the industry from Firearms Training, Security & Consulting, and Firearms sales , accessories and shooting sporting goods. All which are under the umbrella of Silverback Independent, LLC. As assigned are Silverback Training Systems which provides, manages and operates all the training to the client. Silverback Gun Locker in which does all the firearms and retail sales, and last the Security Firm that provides the executive protection and security consulting services that currently remains undisclosed. With the three entities operating under their own organizational structure and direction ensures that our customers and clients receive a service in excellence with personal care and attention to meet their individual needs in whatever spectrum they are seeking. When Miguel began to staff the company to help manage, operate and develop a system in which its services in all three facets of businesses are continuously updated to keep up in the ever evolving industry. Miguel recruits some of the most professional, experienced and competent individuals to spearhead the programs. We revisit quarterly to study how each business is operating and go through steps to ensure that we are keeping current with the product being offered to our valued clients and customers. Looking into ways that improve our costumer services, quality of training and methods, and introducing the bigger, better guns, gear and tools for our fellow Americans whether they are operating in the line of duty, personal protection or for the competitor and recreational user. When you look at Silverback Independent and its cadre. You won’t see a company comprised of individuals that overnight opened up a business and thought that they were going to just enter an industry after a few years of experience. We have always been in the industry! From the beginning of our young adult lives. From the time we signed the dotted line and stood on the yellow footprints at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot in San Diego and Paris Island or the fields of Army Basic Training in America. The cadre and Miguel that make up the back bone of the company with their tried and trued experience also maintains their active status in the private military/security contracting in high threat environments around the world. In turn giving Silverback Independent the leading edge in experience and knowledge of what it takes to be a winner in the gunfighting art and personal protection.

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