Patrol Rifle Employment

trCourse Description

In the Patrol Rifle course the students will cover material of and be coached through various facets of employing the AR15/AR10 carbine rifle. Everything from safe weapons handling, proper zeroing procedures, firearms characteristics, fundamentals of marksmanship, clearing malfunctions, alternate shooting positions, mechanics of employment, shooting from cover & barricades, multiple target engagements, primary to secondary firearm transitions, reaction shooting, shooting on the move and fire and maneuver techniques. All conducted while the students participate in multiple exercises and live fire drills. This course as designed for the AR rifle platform will be conducted entirely on the range so that we maximize the practical application of skills and methods covered to ensure optimal improvement levels of proficiency. During this period of instruction we will be moving at a moderate to quick pace in a semi-formal setting and flowing from non-stressful to a stress induced environment.

TCOLE Credit & CEU’s :  24

Prerequisite:                          Law Enforcement – Active / Reserve

Military Units & Personnel – Active / Reserve

Private Security/Military Companies & Persons – Active

! Minimum 5 students to run the course !
! Maximum 15 students per course !


Length of Course

  • 3 Days

Report time: 07:00 am

  • 10 – 12 hour days of Training


  • Duty Rifle – AR rifle platform
  • Duty Pistol


  • Rifle – .223/5.56 min. Or greater
    Pistol – .9mm min. Or greater


  • Rifle – 1200 rds min. – Training Ammo
    Pistol – 200 rds min. – Training Ammo

Gear List

  • Eye & Ear protection
  • 5 rifle magazines min.
  • 3 pistol magazines min.
  • Duty belt, duty gear, i.e. magazine pouches, pistol holster to hip or drop leg.
  • Tactical vest / gear with magazine pouches recommended
  • Rifle sling – Single point or Two point sling recommended
  • Shooting gloves optional, Knee & elbow pads optional
  • Shooting bag & matt for zeroing optional
  • Inclement weather attire & gear & range chair optional
  • Students responsible for their own food & water for breaks

Students receive a course certificate upon completion.

Price:  $475.00


Pre Registration Option: If paying with a department/agency/company check or cashiers check on the day of course, students must pre register individually. The pre registration fee is put towards the course fee but is not refundable if student does not show up the morning of.

Minus the $25 pre registration fee, Check amount should be made to $450.00 and also Made Payable to: Silverback Independent, LLC.


APRIL 11-13 / $475.00

Pre Registration for APRIL 2018 Course $25


Panhandle Regional Law Enforcement Academy, Amarillo Tx.

TCOLE Credit & CEU’s :  16

Regular scheduling of this course is coordinated with the PRLEA. If the posted course dates are full or either do not align with your individual,department, agency, unit or company schedule.

Please contact us if you or your department, agency, company or unit wish to attend or host this course outside of its regular schedule. You can contact us or our point of contact at the PRLEA for registration and scheduling. We will do our best to accommodate your training needs.

Contact Silverback Training Systems:    



Panhandle Regional Law Enforcement Academy (PRLEA):      Mr. Hank Blanchard               

Off:  806-356-3680

Fax:  806-354-6074




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