Law Enforcement Sniper Course-Basic-Initial Cert.



This course will cover basic uses and practical exercises to provide the designated precision marksmen with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively engage designated and acquired targets in response to active shooter, hostage rescue, or barricaded shooter situations.

  • Length of Course: 6 Days

  • The course will run 5 days of schooling and on the morning of 6th day will be validation and testing. After grading of each student is complete, will be certification/graduation.

Required Equipment

  • SCOPED Rifle mounted with magnification of 4x or higher
  • Bolt or Semi Auto, 5.56mm or larger in caliber that meets 1” or 1 MOA at 100 yards
  • 500 rounds ammo, Preferably MATCH to attain 1” or 1 MOA @100 yards
  • No Armor Piercing or Tracer Ammo
  • Sling (Must assist in unsupported shooting)
  • Bipod
  • Shooting Sticks / Tripod / Anything to help support the gun
  • Ammo / Mag Pouch
  • *Data Book / Clipboard / Notebook with pen/pencil
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Billed Cap
  • Gloves
  • Bean Bag / Shot Sock / Sand Sock
  • Range Bag / Small Backpack
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Water Bottle / Camelback
  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray
  • Inclement Weather clothing
  • *Small Calculator

Recommended or Optional Equipment

  • Suppressor
  • Spotting Scope
  • Kestrel / Anemometer / Weather Station
  • Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Shooting Pad / Mat
  • Rangefinder / Binoculars
  • Smartphone with Ballistic App

Audience / Student Prerequisite

  • Participants should be currently commissioned peace officers
  • Active/Reserve Military
  • Private Security/Military Persons  (Contact for further information)


  • Safety Rules
  • Weapons system
  • Optics and Reticles
  • Scope Manipulation
  • Care and cleaning
  • Ballistics
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Liability
  • Qualifications
  • Various shooting positions
  • Alternate Shooting Positions

Education Credits

  • 40.00 hours – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
  • Certificate of Course Attendance
  • Certificate of Credential (Only students that pass validation and testing will receive this document showing that they have met standards set fourth through this program and are completely certified to operate in a full capacity in the line of duty as Designated Marksman / Sniper.)



This course can be physically demanding for all involved. Students will be required to carry and conduct movements with all gear for the day to include food and water. Additionally, students will be required to run with their operational gear and rifle. If you do not think you are in a physical condition to successfully complete this course, please reconsider your attendance.

Successful course credit requires a passing score on a shooting qualification test along with a written exam to be administered before the course conclusion. This written exam and shooting qualification is specifically developed to test the skills, safety, and techniques taught in the course. The qualification and standard will not be posted or made available. Students who do not pass the exam and qualification, but remain in the course, will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” for the course. Those that pass will receive a certifying number and stamp on there certificate.


Contact Information

Miguel Hernandez

Phone: (806) 236-9460 | (808) 342-9696                   FAX: 806-340-0775

Email: |

REGISTER for the Scheduled Dates:     


  • If paying with agency or company check. You will need to follow the link below and Pre-Register for the class by clicking and adding the “Pre-Registration” to the cart for $25.00 that is not refundable in the event that the student is a no show. The student will just need to bring the check with the remaining balance of $725.00 on the morning of the course. This will ensure that the student has a course slot.

DATE PENDING  – Pre-Registration: $25.00 (Non Refundable)



REPORT TIME: 08:30 Class room inside the PD.

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