In Home Defense Class

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       During the In Home Defense Class which is designed for the person or persons of the home that wishes to take the protection of ones family to the next level. The client will learn the ins and out of your home as it pertains to security. We will be going on a survey walk through to asses the strong and week points of the house. Covering basic techniques to clear and respond to any threat in the home whether using a non-leathal method or with a firearm. We will also go over different measures of making the home a gun safe home with you. It is every parent or adults concern when introducing a firearm into the home with kids present. We can help ease the worries. When considering in making an appointment for this class. We ask that you make accommodations to have the home vacant of children if possible, and have all firearms unloaded and put in a safe and secure location or safe if any are owned and present.

DURATION OF CLASS: Approximately 3.5 to 4.5 hours

OUTSIDE OF Amarillo & Canyon, TX: Additional travel fees may apply

SUGGESTIONS: If you have any questions on your mind we encourage you to ask them throughout the class. We are at your disposal to help you be at a better sense of security!


When you purchase this course.

We will contact you within two business days to schedule your class.

PRICE:  $225.00          BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


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