Field Rifle DOPE Book

The rifle field DOPE book designed by Silverback Training Systems is a piece of equipment that every shooter needs that practices the art of precision fire in all facets of applications from hunting, competition and in the line of duty. This book condenses all the required information needed for a firing solution in the field. No need to carry the big bulky DATA Book or scribe note cards or mark your arms and hands. Small enough to drop in your back pocket and easy to deploy for those critical moments to gather your shooting solution to make that shot. The book is 22 pages of amazing quick plug in and use pages that are spiral bound for breezy flip page access. This book is made of tough card stock paper with bold font that is easy to read. Areas to stencil in your own specific reticle from your personal scope. Below you will be able to see each page and lay out.

DIMENSIONS: 6″L  X  4″w X 1/4″ thick


PRICE: $20.00


ACCESSORIES:       ! Coming Soon !

GREEN Canvas Protective Sleeve




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