Joe Freese

Joseph Freese has been a member of the Silverback Independent instructor cadre since May 2017.  He started his affiliation with Silverback Independent in 2015 as a sole source-consultant for the manager of training of our subsidiary company, Silverback Training Systems, developing curriculum, proofing courses of fire to be used in training of civilian and law enforcement clients, and executing Range Safety Officer (RSO) and position safety officer (PSO) duties for training evolutions.

The depth and breadth of Joseph’s knowledge of small arms and tactics is extensive but his particular skill set as it pertains to the shotgun in a defensive capacity and his ability to give cogent experienced based instruction concerning tactics, techniques and procedures is invaluable.

Joseph has an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps and was also an armed critical infrastructure private security contractor.  The experience and knowledge he obtained in the infantry background and armed private security field encompasses:

– Extensive training and eventual assignment to security of National level assets for fixed site security as well as recapture of those assets

– Maritime Tactics Courses trained in advance Close Quarters Battle (CQB) during Visit Board Search and Seize (VBSS) operations

– In-depth training in the maintenance, use, tactics, techniques and procedures employing numerous small arms platforms and designated marksman rifle (DMR)

– Training and operations in a fluid and dynamic Close Quarters Battle (CQB) environment and served as an assault team member

– Comprehensive and sustained training through lecture, demonstration, practical application, performance based and written exams on the subject of escalation of force and justification of the use of deadly force.

Along with his operational experience and thousands of training hours spent in his craft Joseph has multiple National Rifle Association (NRA) certifications, is a Minnesota State Permit to Carry Instructor and has attended and passed the Designated Marksmen/Sniper Course (Texas TCOLE Certified).

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